A man in your life has a Birthday coming up and you've got that very familiar feeling of dread. The last thing you want right now is to wander aimlessly and hopelessly through shops for days trying to decide what to get him despite his numerous dismissals whenever the topic is raised, "I don't want anything", "I don't need anything", "your company is enough". Well fear not because I'm here to help (and by that I mean I'll make a note of some gifts that I have bought people and hopefully it inspires you!)

 First things first, it's important to make a note of the persons hobbies and interests so that you have somewhere to start. I personally write down whenever someone mentions something that they want so that I have a long list of possible gift ideas whenever their Birthday/Christmas comes along. The list idea will also help you to get inspiration for other similar gifts that they may like .

 Boys in particular are difficult to buy for - boyfriends, brothers, dads, uncles, friends, whoever it is, you're lucky if they are easy and tell you exactly what they would like (I'm not excusing girls because I know that we can be just as difficult, if not worse!). Knowing full well how difficult Tom is to buy for, I stupidly tasked myself with the challenge of buying 23 different presents for his 23rd Birthday - a nice gesture, I know, but my god was it difficult!! And yes, you have my full permission to use this idea, although it does get more difficult the older they get...

 Below are a few gifts that I have previously bought the men in my life. Depending on your budget and the age of the person you're buying for, hopefully they can give you a bit of inspiration or a push in the right direction!(Two websites that I personally love and draw a lot of inspiration from are Menkind and Aspinal of London. They range from novelty gifts to high quality and luxury items for your loved ones!)

Greater than £50
Daniel Wellington Watch £84.99
Aspinal of London Wallet £70.00
Aspinal of London card holder £50.00
Mini Fridge £84.99
Hugo Boss belt £55.00
Logitech G900 Gaming Mouse £139.99

Approx £20 or less
Metal collar stays £6.99
T M Lewin Cufflinks £5.00 - £25.00
Socks £19.95
Scratch map £14.77
Bright ideas journal £10.99
Moleskin notebook £7.29
Scribble clock £14.99
Wintercroft paper mask £4.50
Parker fountain pen £6.53

Coupon book
Money box
Paint a picture
Photo in a frame
A box of all of his favourite sweets and goodies