Valentines day is right around the corner....and whether you're spending the day alone, with friends, or your loved ones, then you're going to need a drink, amirite?! Either way, there's no better cocktail than the sexy chocolate martini. It's super rich and luxurious, so you probably won't need too many to get you in the mood spirit of the day! Pre-warning: this is a very strong cocktail so if you decide to make it, don't say you weren't warned!

Makes 1 cocktail

1 tbsp chocolate syrup, plus more for drizzling
2 measures/50ml Baileys
2 measures/50ml chocolate liqueur
2 measures/50ml vodka
Shaved chocolate, to garnish


First off, you need to gently rim the glass with some chocolate syrup, drizzling some of the sauce on the inside of the glass as well.

Add all of your measured juices to your cocktail shaker and add ice.

Insert the top, making sure it's properly closed, and shake vigorously. Really use your wrists.

To remove the glass from the shaker, insert your finger into the gap between the two shaker ends and twist round until it gets wedged - this is your sweet spot. Remove your finger and bang the sweet spot. This should loosen the glass.

Strain your delicious mixture into your awaiting chocolate covered glass and sprinkle some chocolate shavings onto the foamy surface.

Best served with candles.

Come on, you have to try it!

(Please remember to drink responsibly....and be safe!)