Now I'm sure you've all heard of skittles vodka, and if you haven't made it yourself then you've surely tried it right? (Only if you're over 18 of course!)

Well if for some unknown reason you haven't tried it, I suggest you get your little bum to the shop to pick up the following ingredients! And lucky for you, it's super simple to make.


2 packs of Skittles (depending on how much you want to make)
5 plastic bottles
1.5 Litres Vodka
Coffee filters (and a muslin cloth if you have one handy - we didn't!)
Pint glasses
Some kind of glass bottle to hold your vodka when it's finished. We used these ones from Amazon.


1. Separate the skittles into 5 different bowls depending on their colour (red, purple, yellow, green, orange) then pour them into separate plastic bottles.

2. Next, pour the vodka into the bottles (only half way as that's how much vodka 1.5 litres covers). Secure the caps of the bottles and shake the vodka and skittles well. You need to shake these every few hours to mix up the flavours inside.

3. After a few days (as long as possible, I left it for 3) of shaking, a weird looking scum will appear on the surface of the vodka - don't worry as this is filtered. Take a pint glass and a coffee filter (plus the muslin cloth if you have one) and filter the vodka through the coffee filter. This takes a little while as the liquid is quite dense. If your not entirely happy with the first filter, you can do it again, just be sure to use a fresh filter.

4. The vodka is now ready to be funnelled into their individual glass bottles and enjoyed at the party!

Please remember to always drink alcohol responsibly. Other than that...shots anyone?