So if you read the "25 facts about me" post, you would've seen that I have recently become quite keen on ice skating. If you didn't read that post - well now you know! Myself and my boyfriend Tom try to get on the ice at least twice a month, but with the Winter season just coming to an end, the ice rinks all seem to be closing/have already closed. In the height of the season though, ice rinks in London were in abundance and people from all around flocked to them to enjoy the festive feelings that they bring.

The ice rink in Canary Wharf has become our favourite spot as it tends to not be as crowded as the rinks that are more central. I don't know about you but I like to be able to skate freely without having people skating into me or wiping me out. Not to mention that the ice at Canary Wharf is well maintained and nice to skate on. I recently went skating in Westfield Shepard's Bush and had to avoid drowning because the ice had melted so much - as it turns out, they only resurface the ice once a day, whereas at Canary Wharf they resurface the ice after every 1 hour session. For these reasons, I tend to avoid Somerset House, The National History Museum, and the rink beside the London Eye.

I particularly like the look of the rink in Canary Wharf too - the skyscrapers surrounding the rink, the fairy lights wrapped around trees, the music they play as you skate around, and the onlookers wrapped up in their woolly scarves and hats holding steaming cups of mulled wine and cheering on their friends and family. It's the kind of atmosphere that makes you feel happy without knowing why you're happy.

Whilst waiting for our 20:00 session on the ice, myself, Tom, and another friend decided to get out of the chilly air and grab a quick drink from the warm, cosy bar next to the ice rink. We had 30 mins before our session was due to begin so we took our time as we sipped our drinks (I had a double spiced rum and coke) and talked about who had improved the most since the first time we all went skating together.

19:55 came so we headed to the changing area where we parted ways with our shoes and replaced them with uncomfortable, smelly hire skates (Tom has his own pair as he grew up on the ice in France - damn him!). We shoved all our belongings into the £1 lockers and waddled to the entrance of the rink before making that unsteady, clumsy first step onto the ice. Half a lap in I've usually found my balance and gradually gain more and more confidence. Meanwhile, Tom has lapped me 10 times.

I soon began to warm up as I went round and round, opening my coat and taking my gloves off. I always find it interesting to watch people whilst I'm skating (not in a creepy way). The young couples taking pictures and holding hands, the little children on their penguin and dolphin aids being pushed around by their parents, and the frequent skaters that are in the middle practising their turns, jumps, and pirouettes. So many different people from all walks of life. 

All too soon the hour was up and we were instructed to vacate the ice rink. There is always a mad rush to take the skates off and get your shoes back on as soon as possible to avoid the queue - but there always is one, no matter how quick you are. After retrieving our belongings from the lockers we slowly headed to the underground station to begin our journey home and crawl in to bed, achey and content.

So if you fancy donning your skates and heading to Canary Wharf ice should be quick because it closes on the 26th February! Otherwise Alexandra Palace is open all year round.



  1. I want to try ice skating. Thanks for sharing.
    Good vibes, Fox
    check out my latest Vlog

    1. You should give it a go, it's such great fun!