This year, I celebrated my first official Valentines day in a happy, loving relationship. The man in question is none other than my partner Tom. Tom and I met in Uni about 4 years ago through some mutual friends on our courses. We soon become good friends having an on-off relationship throughout our University life. In September 2015, myself, Tom and another friend from University decided to move into a new flat together - this is when we took the big jump and finally made our relationship official.

Tom and I decided not to do gifts this year as we felt there was no need. Plus, with a trip to France quickly approaching, we felt that our money could be put to much better use abroad (coupled with the fact that we are not a lovey-dovey hearts, teddies, and roses kind of couple!) Instead, we decided to have a relaxing day with no cooking, no cleaning, and no effort whatsoever. In fact, we didn't even open the curtains!

Truthfully, we didn't want to go to a restaurant that would be bursting at the seams with couples and romance, we wanted to keep our time together quite personal. This is why we also decided to celebrate on the Saturday - as our Sunday would be dedicated to staying in bed, watching crappy films, and eating takeaway. On Saturday we decided to head to Sloane Square to do a bit of shopping and catch up on our daily errands. We popped into some of our favourite shops where Tom picked up a beautiful new coat from Peter Jones (he later put it on as it was f*****g freezing outside!) When we could no longer take the Arctic conditions, we headed back to Fulham Broadway where we had pre-booked to go to the cinema. We picked the most romantic, love-fuelled film we could find, bought our Tango ice blasts, tried to hide the sweets and crisps we had bought from Sainsburys and went to find our seats in Deadpool. (Great film by the way - highly recommended!)

The day of Valentines we stayed in...all day. Wearing clothes was against the rules and even suggesting opening the curtains would get you in trouble. We watched crappy film after crappy film, shortly followed by another crappy film. When we got hungry, we ordered extra large chicken burritos from our local Mexican takeaway which we then indulged on until we physically could not eat anymore. We then finished off the day with a bottle of Moet et Chandon, scented candles and a lush bath bomb.

All in all, I had such a wonderful weekend and I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend my time with. I hope everyone had a lovely Valentines day!